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My intention is to create a space that embodies those things that bring me into alignment. It is my hope that by sharing within this space, I continue to lean into my healing and inspire you to ask the questions, and dive deep into your own personal journey.

“When one woman heals herself, all women heal. She sends out ripples to those that came before, and will come after. As she is brought into harmony, the whole world heals.” – Rebecca Campbell, Rise Sister Rise

What have you been called to heal?


I have created the most nourishing experience for you.

Nathalie Gagnon

About me

I am a mother and a sister and a healer. I am also a juggler of the many roles I navigate daily. I am a Speech Language Pathologist and  yoga teacher with 20 years of experience in the area of wellness, mindfulness and work life balance (hence the juggling).

Hygge for the Soul from Nathalie Gagnon

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5 Yin poses to calm mind, body and soul

5 Yin poses to calm mind, body and soul

This 30 minute sequence will leave you well rested and grounded. Hold each pose for 5 minutes. Remember that yoga is not about how flexible we are, but rather how present we can be. Stay connected to your breath and body. Use these poses to move out of your head space...

5 easy ways to get essential oils into your life!!

5 easy ways to get essential oils into your life!!

1. Start your day by diffusing essential oils that are uplifting. Any citrus oil will be a great choice: wild orange, lime and grapefruit are favourites. Mint oils blend very well with citrus. My favourite morning combo is: wild orange and peppermint. 2. Keep a jar of...

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