Yoga Classes

I have been teaching for over 11 years and love the combination of Yin yoga and Aromatherapy classes. Yin yoga is the practice of stillness. I guide you through poses that are gently held for 3-5 minutes, allowing you to let go and connect to your body. Calming essential oils are diffused during the class to further allow for the ability to feel yourself present and steady. My classes are appropriate for all levels.

Trees and Champagne Lakeside Studio

Restorative Yin Yoga • Sundays 10am
Drop-in 20$/class
5 class package (17$/class) 85$
10 class package (15$/class) 150$

Class size is limited to 9 spots. To reserve your spot, contact me directly via email

Private or semi-private classes available upon request


Anchoring Mindfulness through Aromatherapy, Language and Stillness

Join us for a workshop that will allow for an opportunity to reflect upon the nature of our inner dialogue. We will explore how words are powerful tools to anchor our ability to be mindful and centered.

Discover how essential oils can impact your ability to connect to your emotional health and wellbeing. We will specifically be using doTERRA’s Yoga Collection blends: Anchor, Align and Arise.

Lastly, we will integrate these concepts by expereincing and practicing mindful movement and stillness techniques allowing ourselves to feel deeply connected to our physical bodies through supportive grounding poses and meditation.

“Feel yourself present, feel yourself steady, feel yourself embodied”. 

Free interactive Essential oil Workshop

Learn how essential oils can support physical and emotional wellness. Bring your questions!

Bliss Yoga

This 2 hour yin yoga class is lead by myself and several Registered Massage Therapists for an intimate gathering of yin yoga, massage and aromatherapy. Yin is the practice of stillness and allows the body to surrender into the support of the earth with each breath. We have the luxury of time- so that we can pause and allow for the practice to unfold in each moment. With the support of massage and aromatherapy you can dive more deeply into each pose, and strengthen your mind body connection. Allow yourself to become embodied, present and deeply connected to enjoy every minute of our Bliss Workshop: A fusion of yin yoga, massage and aromatherapy.


A Journey Into The Feminine Self

May 31st-June 2nd, 2019

Wakefield, QC

Women’s Retreat – By Application Only

Embrace your true feminine power and transform your beliefs to finally
create the life of purpose, clarity, and prosperity you deserve.
During this weekend immersive retreat, you and a select group
of women will implement practical tools and exercises to love and
fully embody the true “goddess” within!

The Result?

  • Love your body and attain peace with who you are!
  • Trust your inner voice and tap into your unconscious intuition!
  • Embody your divine feminine power
    (and break free from feelings of doubt, shame, insecurity, and powerlessness!)
  • And much, much more!

2 nights sleep at the Wellness Gaia Center • 6 Healthy meals • Mindset training and empowered communication • Yoga • Meditation • Sauna • Kayaking • Nature • Lake • Camp fire