Take a moment to let this question sink in. Go deep and go back as far as you can remember. Which stories about having wealth/abundance did your family tell? Were dreams celebrated? How did you talk about the things you had or desired? This is an invitation to get curious and not judge…it is all just information.  The stories we absorb through “osmosis” often run in the background and impact what is showing up for us today. 

Some stories may align with you, while some stories may need to be released or transformed into new “stories”.  

I have a memory as a young child of telling my mom how impressed I was with a family friend’s sparkly jewelry. I loved her golden shiny bracelets and chunky rings! My mom looked at me and said “I too could have beautiful jewelry like her, but I choose to spend my money on the family”. My story became: if you have nice things, you are selfish and should not “show off” what you have to others. 

This shows up today as guilt when I buy something for me. It has a feeling of: I don’t deserve nice things and I shouldn’t “show off” what I have.  

I am choosing to rewrite my story that beautiful things are my birthright and part of celebrating the inspired life I am creating. I am proud of my abundant life that I have created by living from a place of deep gratitude. I also have an unshakeable belief that life is full of unlimited opportunities when we are aligned with our true selves. First we must get out of our way and lead our lives with courage, understanding and a willingness to go deep!

What stories no longer align with your dreams? Go deep, release and create your own “blueprint”.  

hands in prayer