• Upon waking up, begin by experiencing gratitude to elevate your vibration. Make gratitude a constant in your life. With practice you will be able to not only feel gratitude in the mind, but through your body. Place your hand on your heart and lean into the experience of gratitude as it settles into your heart space.  Gratitude expands and opens us up to receiving even more abundance in our lives.Several times through your day check in with your posture: elongate your spine, bring your shoulders back and place your feet firmly on the ground. This empowering posture will support you to show up and be ready for all the opportunities in your life.
  • Interrupt negative thoughts with positive ones – make a conscious choice to choose words that are empowering. Take the time to notice your thoughts with a sense of curiosity. Notice the patterns- what thoughts are you entertaining in any given moment? Are your thoughts limiting or empowering? Understand that you have a choice, therefore step into your power to be the gate keeper of your thoughts.
  • When faced with a challenge, ask yourself- am I reacting or responding?  Before responding notice what happens when you place your hand on your heart and take a deep belly breath. Ask yourself: what is most important in this situation? Who am I being right now? What role am I playing?
  • Take a moment through your day to connect to your breath. Place your hands on your belly to cue your body to take deeper and smoother belly breaths. Breathe deeply through the nose and feel the expansion of your belly, and then your chest. Deeply receive the breath while relaxing your shoulders and jaw.  Feel expansive through the heart as your inhale and allow yourself to let go of tension through your exhale. Honor your breath as it is available to you at all times.
Feel yourself grounded, feel yourself steady, feel yourself embodied!