Slow down for a minute…..”I create time”. How does this statement land? Be honest- does it trigger you? Just imagine what life would look like, feel like, sound like if this was true. Pause and consider what is your relationship with time. Do the following statements ring true: if I had more time I would be able to accomplish X, there aren’t enough hours in the day, too much to do and so little time….

Here is the thing, many of us (my self included) adopt the “victim” role with time. We blame time for all of the things we have yet to accomplish. The recent experience of Covid clearly demonstrated this limiting belief. All of a sudden- I had lots of time on my hands and the needle did not move in the direction I thought. I did not accomplish any more!!! What has been your experience?

If you find yourself in the trap of blaming or being overwhelmed by time, interrupt that looping and limiting thought (up to 90% of our thoughts are repetitive) with an empowering question like the following:

What is most important in my life right now?

How can I create time for those things that are most important?

What am I doing everyday that does NOT nourish my soul? 

What am I ready to say no to and/or limit?

Who can I reach out to that sets excellent boundaries around time? 

Where in my life have I created boundaries around my time? 

Get curious. One exercise that can guide you is to write or voice record your “perfect day”. Think about the following: what do I say to myself as I wake up, how do I incorporate those things that are most important in my day, where can I allow for stillness/movement etc. Pay close attention to those things that you will NOT incorporate in your day (social media, saying yes to things that don’t align with you etc.). Start with the following…”I wake up and my first thought is…. I feel ….”

You create time, you get to decide what is most important, our ability to choose is one of the greatest gifts we have. Ultimately we choose our thoughts and what we focus on expands. Your ability to manifest even more abundance and thrive begins with living a congruent life, where what is most important takes up the space it deserves.  When you honour what nourishes your soul and is most important, and you give these things your time and presence, the universe will conspire to amplify your abundant life!!