1. Pause several times through your day to take 3 deep breaths. Place your hands on your heart, close your eyes and connect to the rise and fall of your breath. Inhale through your nose and feel your body expand. As you exhale through your nose, feel your body relax. Pay attention to where you hold tension and use your exhales to soften in these areas. 
    2. Slow down your rate of speech. Pause more often. Allow for more silence in your communication. 
    3. Listen more, talk less. Be present with others and commit to decreasing distractions in all interactions. 
    4. Slow down simple tasks to witness the beauty in everyday experiences. The simple act of slowing down activities such as: chopping herbs, preparing your coffee, making your bed…etc allows for more mindful moments where you can engage your senses. Notice the colours, textures, scents, sounds and the energy of what you are witnessing. 
    5. When you are outdoors, take the time to deeply inhale the aroma of nature.  Connect to this plant wisdom. Mindfully use your essential oils. Each time you open a bottle, pause and take the time to deeply inhale. My favourite oils for slowing down include tree based oils such as Black Spruce and florals such as Lavender. 
    6. Connect more deeply to nature by touching trees, gardening without gloves, and walking barefoot. Allow yourself many opportunities to connect to Mother Earth. Nature is a Master Healer and the more you cultivate this connection, the more grounded and nourished you will feel. 
    7. Upon waking, hydrate with 20 ounces of water, instead of rushing to make your coffee. This practice will slow you down and nourish your body with what it needs to thrive. 
    8. Journal to be more present to what is showing up for you right now. Here are some journal prompts to get started: What is the quality of my presence?, What does my body need right now?, When I slow down I feel….
    9. Eat more slowly and limit distractions as you eat. Notice how you feel when you chew more slowly. Slowing down will allow you to be more conscious of how your body feels before, during and after your meals.
    10. Choose a few daily rituals as mindful moments in your day. Turn off your phone, let go of distractions and savour the experience. Choose activities that nourish you such as bath-time, your skincare ritual, morning coffee etc. Slow down these moments and make an effort to make them as nurturing as possible. Create a boundary around this time where you commit to no distractions and relish the moment to connect to yourself and Nourish Your Soul.