1. Invest in your personal growth. Commit to ongoing education by attending a minimum of 1 training a year. Just do it!!!!  When you commit to investing in yourself- you signal to the universe and to yourself that you are ready for a greater purpose. Energetically you will feel a shift when you commit to you. Trainings that support personal growth will help you discern what is the unique gift that you bring to the world.  If travel is not in your budget, there are many excellent online courses and audible books that are exceptional.

2. Gather your tribe. Notice your 5 closest friends and the energy they bring to you. Do their values align with yours? Which social media feeds do you follow? When you level up you need to increase your vibration- consciously spend time with people who inspire you and bring positive energy into your life. Follow feeds and influencers on social media that are authentic and inspirational. Find your people!!! This loops back to the previous point, during trainings you will find like minded peers to grow your network and support you.

3. Commit to self care. Sleep, hydration, nutrition, mindfulness, walks in nature. Commit to those things that nourish you. Focus on every moment you lean into authentic self care. Do not focus on the busy, junk food, late nights. Every time you chose the nourishing food, walk outside, allow for stillness, focus on how you feel in those moments- obsess about them. Replay those moments in your mind and start to rewire your brain.  Focus on what you want- as what we focus on expands. Let go of the rest.

4. Gratitude!!! Upon waking up, begin to expand your awareness of everything in your life that you are grateful for. Feel the vibration of gratitude in the heart centre and through every cell of your body.  Make gratitude your constant. If you love to write- start a journal. If you are auditory- voice record a message every day using the app on your phone and replay it over and over again. When I find myself looping into disempowering thoughts, I interrupt that pattern by thinking or saying out loud all the things I am grateful for.

5. Find a mentor who embodies the qualities your are aligning with and inspires you to level up even more. If you can not think of someone- ask the universe “who do I know that will inspire me and mentor me to level up even more?”. Trust that you will be guided to find your mentor. Once you find this mentor- notice the language they use, pay attention to their journey to discover their unique gift. Listen and be open. Notice the challenges they have encountered and how they shaped them into the leaders they are today.


 6. Focus on your goals by creating boundaries around all the distractions in your life. Let go of what no longer serves you. Replace netflix by audible books that light a fire in you. Set parameters around social media and the “scroll hole”. Leveling up takes grit, courage and persistence. What are you ready to let go of to create more space for stepping into your purpose?

7. Replace overthinking with allowing. Allow for time to simply sit still and connect to your breath. Slow down. Listen more. Ask the question- “what opportunities are right before me, that would inspire me and level up my life in every aspect”. Focus on this question and then allow the universe to guide you. Be open. In those quiet moments, start to see a glimpse of your highest self…how do you feel, who is surrounding you, what words do you use and what thoughts are you aligning with….keep leaning into this feeling and as you take steps towards your highest self, the universe will guide you and reinforce your efforts to level up!!!