I love to surround myself with reminders to pause and enjoy the moment and connect to the sacred.   I created an alter on my bookshelf with a picture of me as a child. It embodies joy and peace. It is a gentle reminder of this tender soul that lives in me.

In my office I have this statue of a goddess that I have had with me for over 20 years. I adorn her with rose quartz and place crystals and my abalone bowl/sage at her feet. She reminds me of the abundance and beauty that surrounds us.  

I also have an altar that faces my bed. A lovely friend gave me this Namastay in Bed print and it makes me smile each time I see it. Rest is so important. This is a hard lesson for me. I very rarely allow myself to rest. Like many others, I “chose” to be busy, overschedule and overstimulate with technology. As I write this I am deeply setting an intention for myself to allow for deep rest and open space for creativity and abundance. How do you allow for deep rest? What barriers have you allowed into your life? What visual reminders can you invite into your space to remind you of love, beauty, abundance and rest?